Monday, May 17, 2010

R.I.P. Winsor the Plaza Art Cat (1992-2010)

I was saddened to see the pictured flier hanging in the front door of Plaza Artist Materials (8209 Georgia Avenue) when I walked by this morning. Even if you've never patronized this businesses (Shame!) but only walked past the store front, you have undoubtedly seen either Winsor or his sister Newton lounging in the display windows.

Named after the manufacturer of art materials founded in London in 1832, Winsor was the one who had a patch of white on his chest while Newton's coloration is all orange. Suspecting that no other Silver Spring business has a resident cat so visible to the public, I always enjoyed seeing either one lounging on the counter while a purchase was being made.

When I asked an employee if Newton, who was sleeping in the front window, was acting differently the response was that she seemed "happy!" Perhaps sibling rivalry extends to the animal kingdom as well.


Cyndy said...

I've only been in that store a couple of times, but I do remember those cats very well. I'm sorry to hear that Winsor is no longer with us.

On a happier note, I'm so glad you are back in this easier (for me) to use format. I loved your previous blog but it was so frustrating to never be able to make the comment thing work. Welcome to Blogger!

Songsue said...

We have been occasional customers at Plaza, but the kitties in the art store are an important memory for my children, both now in their 20s. We would often walk to downtown Silver Spring for dinner, and then down to Plaza to see the cats. They always came quickly to the window--until the kids got to be adult-sized! I confirmed with one of the staff members that Winsor and Newton both seemed to like children better than they did adults.

John Stewart said...

I remember these cats from ca. 2004. They were a major reason we were excited to adopt two orange cats ourselves.