Monday, October 5, 2009

Figuring that I needed to take a more aggressive approach to getting the public interested in preserving Silver Spring's history before the developers knock it all down, I enlisted the help of the below "volunteer" to work at the Silver Spring Historical Society's booth, set up last Saturday at the Fenton Street Market.

Actually, he (she?) belonged to the folks next door who were selling dog treats. While looking a bit intimidating, the dog was actually quite friendly and never once barked during the entire five hour time that the market was opened (as opposed to my back, which was barking from sitting and standing that long)!

A group of high school students, whom market manager Hannah McCann had enlisted to help vendors set-up, stopped by and started thumbing through a copy of Historic Silver Spring. They became very enthusiastic as they recognized photos of various places in Silver Spring and couldn't believe how it used to look.

They even proclaimed that I had the 'coolest" booth at the market. I felt heartenend that perhaps there is a chance that the current generation might take an interest in preserving our community's history.

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