Friday, September 16, 2011

"Nothing By You"

I had a good chuckle when I came across this cartoon on p. 35 of the September 12, 2011 issue of The New Yorker.

Get it?

For those who don't, the cartoon depicts a stylized view of the 5th Avenue facade of the landmark 1911 New York Public Library as seen from E. 41st Street.  The banner hanging over the entrance is chiding the reader who would be so lucky to have a work represented in one of the greatest libraries in the world.

To which I immediately thought, "Hey, maybe I do!"

Off to I went and in the author field I typed "McCoy Jerry A." and hit the "Submit" button.  My jaw dropped.

There, shelved inside this century old marble Beaux Arts edifice designed by Carrère and Hastings, sits Downtown Silver Spring in the Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy.  The neighboring book to the right is Smith Island, Chesapeake Bay by Frances W. Dize and to the left sits another book on Silver Spring, Enchanted Forest Glen : the Endangered Legacy of National Park Seminary Historic District in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I have been planning a visit to NY see the High Line and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  To these sites I will now add Room 121 of the NYPL's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Because of You there is "Something of Importance by You!" And Silver Spring's significant presence, past, present, and future, is thus known to others beyond our immediate boundaries!

Anonymous said...


Eileen said...

Cute article, and how nice to find you there! I did not have the same experience. When you visit, please ask how the library picks and chooses. (By the way, I needed your explanation below "Get it?"

Anonymous said...

I love this cartoon too! And I'm happy that the library has something of yours in its collection. That's more than I can say! But the cartoon depicts the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not the library. The museum has the three doors in the center of the building, unlike the library. Plus, the museum is situated in a residential area, with doormen.

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

Thanks Anon, you are absolutely right. I certainly don't have anything in the Met!

D. B. Stovall said...

Hey, this means some of my photos are in New York City! Next stop, the Guggenheim!