Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here is a Bargain!!

Today at work I was clipping copies of 1940s Evening Star newspapers.  Even though the DC Public Library's Washingtoniana Division has this newspaper on microfilm, whenever I encounter original loose copies I always go through them and clip interesting photographs to place into our Washington Historical Image Collection.

In the February 8, 1941 issue (p. B-5) I found this awesome advertisement for a bungalow in the Blair Takoma section of Silver Spring.  $5,750 doesn't sound like much money and indeed, when adjusted for inflation today equals only about $86K

The bungalow was constructed in 1925 and last sold in 2005 for $450,000, which certainly would have amazed Mr. Phillips!  It appears to look much as it did 70 years ago, with the only difference being today's reverse color scheme, chimney cap addition, and simplified porch railing.

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