Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Time Had By All at B&O RR Station

With temperatures hovering in the high 90s, better attendance than expected greeted the 13th Annual Montgomery Heritage Weekend at Silver Spring's historic 1945 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station, June 26-27, 2010.

Returning again this year was the Northern Virginia N-Trak Model Railroad Club with their impressive scale model train layout.

This year they added a dramatic trackside building in flames that all too much reminded me of my place of employment, the Georgetown Branch Library, when it went up in flames in 2007!

Musician Rick Franklin performed and sang wonderful acoustic Blues music on his impressive 1929 guitar and old timers (L-R) Rick Nelson and Robert Davis discussed trains.

The highlight of Saturday was the opening of the Moose Lodge "time capsule."  Stay tuned for the results!


Geo said...

Jerry, This was a great event! I attended both days! Enjoyed the model RR, Rick Franklin, the kids playing with the wooden trains, the displays and photo gallery, viewing the Historic Station, and of course the time capsule opening. Thanks for the memories.

Would you please post a photo of Silver Spring's own singer songwriter Rick Kanton who performed on Sunday? He was terrific!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for video of the Time Capsule opening!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the pix & video of the time capsule?

Anonymous said...

I shot video of the time capsule event. It's on YouTube at:


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Who would've thought!! That was certainly not what I was expecting to be in there!! Thank you for posting the video!!